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By | March 2, 2021

New York Fashion Week is one of the most significant dates on the American fashion calendar, as it represents the unofficial start to the autumn/winter season. Major fashion houses choose their most eye-catching, high-end designs and debut them in the city, often priding them with a catwalk show. Started in 1943, the event is a convergence of ideas, trends, and creativity for fashion-lovers. It is rumored that attendees of New York Fashion Week account for 55 to 60% of all seasonal buying decisions. The power of this week in style cannot be underestimated as fashion-motivated people from all over the world converge in New York for a unique window into the next season’s fashion movements.

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Significance Of New York Fashion Week

Understanding the significance of New York Fashion Week is crucial to the success of any fashion brand. From the bustling streets of the Big Apple, as you make the journey towards Madison Square, you set your eyes upon the top fashion houses showcasing their latest creations. Whether you are attending a press day, attending the runway event, or catching fashion’s big names on the catwalk, there are certain things that you need to know to be successful. Perhaps some of the most important aspects of doing business in New York are the city’s ongoing relevance to fashion and the fact that there are not many other places around the world where fashion still reigns supreme. And boasting the world’s busiest fashion avenue is one of these things, so there’s no denying how important the city is to American fashion.

Top 5 Collections From New York Fashion Week 2021

Top Fashion houses have packed the catwalk at New York Fashion Week for the past several years that it’s no longer new territory. With an army of top model stars on hand, there has been plenty of buzz surrounding the venue, the creations, and the lineup. Attendees also have these pieces to look forward to, with high-quality prints and designs at an all-time high. Fashion lovers can keep an eye on parties, industry events, and runway reveals all throughout the week, further escalating the hype. But what everyone has been talking about? Here are the top 5 collections of the season.

1. Marc Jacobs:

Marc Jacobs debuted his first collection in 1984, and it featured the first shoe collaboration for the designer. Marc Jacobs has released six collections in total – each time promising a collection that is “just a piece of art.” He creates designs that are a dichotomy of seemingly simple yet ridiculous attire, and he is famous for mixing different fashion genres with the same item. The collection will feature a high-fashion, outerwear look, combined with a “streetwise, romantic attitude.” Surprisingly, the annual A/W 16 collection was his first runway show after three years. His most controversial show yet was retained by the lovely model Ashley Graham, who injected a sensual and sexy feel into the collection.

2. Marina Moscone:

Minimalist in every known sense of the term, Marina Moscone’s most recent collection is a true embodiment of her personal aesthetic. With an almost no-fluff, minimal aesthetic, Moscone’s brand spurs off a long-lasting impression in each and every season. With a truly unique sense of design, the designer takes special pride in her fabrics, which are usually her unique creations of her own. This is the 4th collection since her debut show in 2016, and her design philosophy is reflected in every piece. You can put her designs in your wardrobe, and she will accentuate your usual style in a new, fashion-forward, and chic way.

3. Michael Kors:

Michael Kors has been a steady presence in the fashion industry for over two decades. He famously herded Clueless star Alicia Silverstone, out of the door of his first show in 1995. The designer released his most current collection in February of 2020, and he continues to stay relevant with new designs each season. His originality shines through the studio, which is a rarity and a rare treat for buyers and followers. The subsequent collection featured a wide spectrum of his beloved silhouette designs, and three different mediums throughout – printed, fur, and sequined – were used in the collection. The collection included classic, timeless pieces found in his catalog.

4. Proenza Schouler:

The target customer for Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez’s work is a new generation of customers, one that is truly unexplored and is currently unpredictable. Proenza Schouler’s Latest Winter collection is more than encouraging for the younger generation, as the brand delivers a capsule collection of fashionable silhouettes and a statement piece or two. The brand continues to break boundaries and redefine the fashion industry with its newest designs, all of which deliver a new point of view on the season’s upcoming collection. The designers invited a number of models and stars in its latest show, and the theme of the show is based on the season’s upcoming celebration of the urban generation. Whether you are going to Paradise and needing a lightweight travel jacket, or you are going to the heliport and need an incredible jacket, you can count on the brand to deliver all of the necessities.

5. Prabal Gurung:

Fashion designer Prabal Gurung is perfectly poised for any scene. After his 2009 debut, Prabal Gurung has continuously updated his designs with new, innovative stints season after season. The amazing choice in materials and the sheer power of the silhouettes eliminate any kind of hubris and show that the designer is as comfortable as he is artistic. Prabal’s latest spring show focuses on his understanding of the modern family and super-adjustable silhouettes. The collection includes high-quality accessories and a huge variety of hairstyles to reflect the past and future of the industry. Overall, the collection is wild and fun and captures the essence of the urban lifestyle.

Fashion Agencies and New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week is an inescapable part of the fashion calendar that takes place every year. The local fashion houses bring out the best designs and show them to the world, who is always eager to see what the big designers have chosen to showcase for them for the next year. With so much is going on at the venue, agencies, buyers, audience, and fans always have something to look upon and take notice of. Fashion labels connect with new business partners and agencies to grow their fashion business in the upcoming months.

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